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Plasma Bath (PB 100)

Highlights :

  • Optimum thawing mechanism for plasma.
  • High yield of quality plasma.
  • Multiple usage-Alternate use in laboratories as water bath and in component separation rooms for the thawing of plasma.
  • Compartmentalized tray to keep the bags upright, thus preventing contamination.
  • Compact table-top design saves space.


Plasma Bath (PB 100) provides the optimum thawing mechanism for plasma, with a capacity of up to 12 plasma bags in one thawing cycle.

  • How it works :
    • High-capacity pump ensures a streamlined flow to facilitate an optimum and uniform thawing of plasma.
    • Programmable temperature range of 37ºC to 56ºC.
    • Up to 12 plasma bags can be thawed in one cycle, which allows for bulk demands.


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