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Platelet Incubator TC 200 for 24 & 48 bags ( PA 200/PA 300 )

Highlights :

  • Safe storage of platelet concentrates by continuous agitation and with controlled temperature.
  • Designed with Thermo Electric Cooling Method which maintain the required temperature in the Incubator eliminating compressor and refrigerant gas.
  • Curved door for better aesthetics appearance.
  • Provision to avoid Unintentional Switch off.
  • Weld Free Cabinet construction.
  • Uniform agitation ensures no platelet clumping and maximum viability of platelets.
  • The agitation motion monitoring system allows for improved safety.
  • Different storage capacities (24 & 48 bags).


How it works  :

  • TRCU (Temperature Recorder and Control unit) performs the dual functions of recording the temperature on the circular chart and controlling the temperature of the Platelet Incubator.
  • TC 200 works on the principle of Peltier Effect to achieve the required temperature, eliminating compressors and the refrigerant gas and makes the product more eco-friendly.
  • Agitation at 65 +/- 7 cycles per minute to avoid platelet clumping and to ensure maximum viability.
  • Toughened glass door with powder coated sheet metal exterior & stainless steel interior for safety and better visibility of platelet bags.
  • Auto stop for Agitation when the door is opened.
  • Magnetic gaskets for doors ensure no air is lost in a ‘door closed ’ condition.
  • Easy manufacturability and Serviceability.
  • Eyelevel positioning of TRCU for better visibility.
  • 2 hour battery back up for TRCU.
  • Materials :



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