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Imuguard III RC & PL Filters

Highlights :

  • Quality components during filtration with highly biocompatible polyurethane filter material.
  • Efficient leukocyte removal of red cell and platelets. Residual leukocyte content less than 5 x 106.
  • Efficient recovery of cellular components.
  • Semi-transparent Filter Housing: Easy checking of filtration status.
  • Low Dependency on Storage Temperature.


Leukocyte removal filter helps to prevent WBC-associated transfusion reactions by removing leukocytes in the blood components. Leukocyte contamination during blood transfusion can cause many adverse effects such as Febrile Non-Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction, transmission of cell associated infectious agents, alloimmunisation, platelet refractoriness, and immuno-suppression.

  • How it works :
    • Polyurethane Material: Highly biocompatible and segmented material helps to maintain quality during filtration. The polymer material has monomer units connected with urethane bonds formed by the reaction of di-isocyanates and polyols. By proper choice of the variants and ratios of components, optimal physical, chemical and biocompatible characteristics are achieved. Highly porous filter ensures higher leukoreduction, with residual leukocyte content less than 5 x 106.
    • Sieving Mechanism: Terumo’s patented technology ensures that pore size distribution and pore density in the filter are optimal. Entrapment of leukocytes is carried out mainly by pore size distribution within the filter, with very limited cell-material interaction. The absence of cell or protein activation yields blood products of superior purity.
    • Air Vent System: Ensures around 90% recovery of cellular components. Filter with transfer bag has by pass line to remove air and also to improve recovery.


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